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About Us

Kayumanggi Technologies And Systems, Inc. (KTSI) is a wholly-owned and operated filipino company and incorporated in 2010 in accordance with existing Philippine laws, rules, and regulations.  KTSI is licensed by Securities and Exchange Comminission to engage in general construction and other allied business including the constructing, enlarging, repairing, removing, developing or otherwise engaging in any work upon buildings, roads, highways, manufacturing plant, piers, docks, mines, shafts, waterworks, railroads, railway structures, alliron, steel, wood, masonry and earth construction ,and to make, execute, bid for and take or receive any contracts or assignment of contracts therefore, or in relation thereto, or connected therewith and to manufacture and furnish building materials and supplies connected therewith, anddoing of any and all other business and contracting incidental thereto or connected therewith, and the doing and performing of any and all things necessary, proper or convenient for and incidental to the furtherance and/or implementation of the purpose there in mentioned.

Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board

Mission and Vision


Our Vision

Kayumanggi Technologies and Systems, Inc. will be an established and reliable construction company in providing topnotch construction services, site and housing developments, tollways maintenance, mechanical works and in providing materials and equipment parts to our general clientele.

Construction Management

Our Mission

Kayumanggi Technologies and Systems, Inc. is committed to provide a quality construction services by providing a state-of-the-art technology from partners thru providing materials from both local and worldwide to address specific needs in the areas of machineries, construction, fabrication and others to the full satisfaction of our clientele.

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